Here is the letter sent to employees from our owner, Ben Hogan.

Attention All Dedicated Transportation, LLC Employees and Contractors.

I am sending this letter to each of you to congratulate you and tell you how proud I am of an award we were given for our safety performance.

Louisiana Workers Compensation Corporation known as LWCC has named Dedicated Transportation, LLC as one of the top 70 safest companies in Louisiana to work for. They underwrite the workers compensation insurance for 17,000 companies and we are in the top 70 of the 17,000.

The award was presented because of our record of no on the job injuries in 2014. This is a wonderful award that every person working for Dedicated Transportation contributed to accomplishing.

This meanss so much to our shippers and the people we do business with. Shippers want to associate themselves with safe and professional companies. I am certain we will be able to secure additional business because of this recognition.

Enclosed please find a check that I am happy to send each of you for a job “Well Done”. I am beyond words as to how happy and proud I am of this accomplishment.

The award was for the calendar year 2014 and the checks are for $250.00 for everyone that was here for the full year of 2014. Those of you that were employed during 2014 also contributed so you will receive a prorated check based on how many months you worked in 2014.

In closing I want to let you know that if we go injury free again in the year 2015 the checks will be at least this amount or more. We have already finished the first 4 months so we have to go another 8 months to repeat the performance on 2014.

Please accept my sincerest congratulations and amazement at how wonderful a team we have. Please continue to work as the professionals you are. We are really heading in the right direction. Good times ahead for the good people of Dedicated Transportation, LLC.

Kind regards,

Ben Hogan