Dedicated Transportation, LLC was started in February 2000 as an asset based dry goods truckload carrier headquartered in Port Barre, LA. Our vision was to create a company that would be based on the principles of hard work and dedication. Our employees would be our greatest asset and the road to success would be paved by their efforts. Dedicated was successful from the start as a place where the drivers and management felt as they were part of a caring organization.

This loyalty and dedication was the catalyst for the survival of Dedicated Transportation, LLC. Upon opening we immediately started to see a rise in fuel prices as well as a tightening up of the insurance market. We survived. In 2001 terrorist struck our great country. The economy slowed and fuel prices spiked overnight. We survived. In August 2005 Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf South. We lost equipment and a very large customer base and saw yet another spike in fuel prices. We survived. In the summer of 2008 the cost of a gallon of diesel was almost $5.00 a gallon. We survived and in fact purchased 2009 Wabash Duraplate Trailers in September of last year. Now we are faced with the economic downturn and we are surviving. There are thousands of trucking firms that cannot say that.

Our Services

We transport dry goods throughout the continental US and offer a wide range of transportation services to meet the need of any business we associate with. Basically, if you have to ship something we can handle that part of your business. We invite all our friends and associates that we have known for years to call for an opportunity to show them our level of service and commitment.

About The Owner

After serving in Management positions for more that 20 years at Saia Motor Freight, Ben Hogan took those lessons learned from a very strong organization and broke off on his own. He managed the Broussard, LA facility for some 15 years and fell in love with Acadiana. Hogan and his wife have 3 children who were all born in Lafayette. Hogan says, “I would never have thought of opening up my own business in any other part of the world”.

A Bright Future

As we head into the future we are excited about the opportunity ahead. The transportation industry is suffering through the economic downturn and we continue to be challenged on cash flow and profitability. At Dedicated we see a bright future and strong growth in the years to come. We will continue to keep our hands on the wheel so that our

Please contact us about our “Dedicated On Demand” expedited service for your time-critical logistics needs. We know the importance of uptime and how downtime affects productivity and your bottom line. Let us help you with your urgent shipment and logistics needs.


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