1.  Proper air pressure in all tires is (105psi).

2.  Check equipment you use for up to date paperwork (registration, insurance card, Annual State or Commercial Inspection form) before moving.  Call dispatch or Safety for copies that are illegible or expired.

3.  Enter the correct truck # and mileage on the pump.  Every week we have 3-4 fueling entries wrong.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

4.  ALL DEF purchases must be made at the pump.  Please let Rick know if your truck does not have a DEF filling prevention device (can borrow from loves).  Call Rick Ext 231 if any questions.

5.  If you have assigned equipment not receiving proper repairs call Rick (337) 706-8846 ext. 231.


1.   The following errors and DOT violations are being discovered on driver logs when turned in.

          a. Drivers must fill out all required items on daily logs.  The #1 CSA Violation is: Hours of Service: 395.8 Driver’s record of duty status (general/form and manner),   Means – required information on log missing, i.e.  DVIR on back not completed, driver signature missing, miles driven missing, Bill of Lading or load information and so forth.

          b. Missing logs

        c. Fuel Stops not matching logs, logged time and place should always match unless you are falsifying your entries. This is a VERY serious DOT and Company Policy violation if occurring.


1.  Waiting on estimates for a shower room with washer and dryer.

2.  Waiting on estimates for new maintenance shop.

3.  This year the 3 day International DOT Road Checks will be conducted on 2, 3 & 4 Jun, 2015

4.  EFS checks are changing.  The ones you have in your possession will no longer be valid as of 15 May 2015.  New EFS checks will be Gray.  Pick them up at any tuck stops. Call Rick, Ext 231 or Vicky, Ext 227 for information if needed.  Remember to ALWAYS get a receipt for any EFS transactions or purchases.