Demand, Direct, and Deliver

Executive Summary

It is the company’s intent and plan to focus on building Dedicated Transportation, LLC into a profit generating entity by building on both existing and future customers with the result being a stronger, more focused and dynamic company that will provide for both the financial and personal goals of all employees. It is intended that the result of the hard work to implement the plan will result in financial rewards for all employees and a bright and secure future for the company. Our customers will directly benefit from this philosophy by having access to a total transportation package that they will be able to embrace and utilize to its full potential. The result will be that they will reward Dedicated Transportation, LLC with business levels and customer loyalty as never before.

Management Philosophy

We feel as though our customers are the reason for our existence. Our continued growth and prosperity are dependent on keeping our customers coming back to us. Superior service is what will keep them coming back. We must all accept this fact and realize the important role we all play in this equation. Without good attitudes and a caring spirit from our drivers, we will fail. We will do everything in our power to protect the customers and ask for your input on any positive suggestions you may have.

Vision Statement

Our vision is simple. It is based on success! We will provide a wide variety of transportation services and solutions to our customers that will create greater loyalty for the future. We will continue to make decisions based on the best solutions for our customers while at the same time realizing that our number one goal is to make Dedicated Transportation, LLC the most profitable entity we can.

Value Statement

Dedicated Transportation, LLC employees will hold each other, the customers and all they come in contact with to the highest level of professionalism and courtesy, dignity and respect. There can be no other way. The vision of the owner is to create an environment where employees are able to attain the highest goals they aspire to accomplish. We will create an environment of unlimited growth and financial reward with the result being a greater quality of life and enjoyment for all personnel associated with our company.



Increase the number of drivers while maintaining the quality of driver in appearance, dependability that is our trademark, thus creating greater loyalty and dedication. This will be accomplished with a mix of company drivers, owner operators, and independent contractors. We will pursue the American Icon—the trucker. We want to bring dignity back to the position and hire the breed of driver that made this country great. The no-nonsense-get-the-job-done guy! We want only the best of the best who want to work for the best.


Recruit referrals from our drivers. We need to sell the company based on our outstanding culture and history. We intend to recruit and retain the best of the best. We will increase driver loyalty and commitment by encouraging participation in our “Driver Dreams